Our response to the global water crisis


There are currently 7.5 billion people living on our planet. 2.5 billion people are currently suffering from water shortages and do not have regular access to clean water. It’s an alarming trend, because in a few decades there will be 10 billion people living on our planet, while water supplies will be sufficient for only 2.5 billion – a dramatic discrepancy that is due to increasing consumption and dwindling reserves. Looking into the future is worrying. There is a global threat of famine and conflicts over water resources. The world’s deserts and dry zones continue to expand every year, now reaching dimensions that exceed the area of Belgium and are even larger than North and South America combined.

We firmly believe that we must act together to address these challenges. Our website not only offers insights into current developments, but also a solution that can help address water shortages worldwide. Join our movement to protect resources and create a sustainable future for future generations. Every contribution counts – get informed, get active and let’s bring about positive change together.


Currently, over 2.5 billion people worldwide suffer from water shortages


Only the sea can provide this much water through the expansion of seawater desalination


Due to high energy costs of desalination, new technologies without energy costs are required


DESERT GREENER technology is the answer to the global freshwater shortage

DESERT GREENER offers efficient, cost-effective and scalable technology

DESERT GREENER technology represents a groundbreaking method for optimally bundling solar energy. Heated water is evaporated and freed from salt, minerals, impurities and other deposits.

In contrast to most solar distillation systems, with our technology the solar energy is not converted into electricity using photovoltaics and then back into heat, but is reflected directly into the water to be heated and focused there. This means we use over 90% of the solar energy, compared to conventional photovoltaic systems, which only convert 20% of the energy.

The DESERT GREENER technology is characterized by its design, which aims to efficiently heat water in the largest possible cubatures. This approach is currently the most efficient way to use solar energy to evaporate water.

Our technology has been officially tested and verified by the Austrian Institute of Technology. It is also protected by patents in the target markets and producing countries.


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Our plan for a sustainable future includes ensuring there is enough water for everyone.

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